Youth and Elders in Solidarity

The 12th of August, 2022 marks the launch of the Youth and Elders in Solidarity initiative at the Community Volunteer Centre in Paddar. The initiative engages the local VARISHTH Mandal, the Yuvak Mandal, and Young Womens’ Association in the form of Creative Cultural Cooperative.

In hopes of providing an avenue for continued inter-generational bonding, this initiative will involve youngsters and elderly together in social activities and more. Further, as a result of extended communication and companionship, it will help to develop a greater sense of community building together through volunteering. Cooperation between the different ages will lead to an overall sense of belonging with each other, while the stories passed down the generations from elders can help to ensure the building of personality and maintenance of culture.

The YES initiative will demonstrate the community’s ability to build capacities in the younger generations while the ongoing dialogue will promote inter-generational healing. The youth’s engagement with the initiative will shed light on issues that impact their lives reflects the empowerment, ownership, and agency fostered by the YES initiative in helping the youth move from general victim-hood, rebel without a cause to change catalysts for a social / humanitarian cause.

The main aims of project are thus, creativity, empowerment, and inter-generational applied learning. Alongside the launch of the YES initiative, a mobilisation drive for 2nd phase of SEHAT SEVA Abhiyan is also scheduled for launch during this event.